About the Garlick Knights edition.

The founder and her favorites were awful to work with. They had unreasonable expectations, for example, they expected to be informed if I was leaving for the weekend (outside of working hours). Projects were constantly changing as management was scattered at best, trying to placate sponsors to the point of ineffectiveness. Highest turnover ever. People not only regularly threw towels due to burnouts or breakdowns, but also constantly fired people. The most frustrating thing was that they tried to get people to quit smoking (by verbally attacking and helping) in order to avoid paying unemployment. The same goes for new hires as well as loyal veteran employees. I’ve seen testimonials that say you get rewarded for hard work and it’s worth it, but I totally disagree. Your hours have never been long enough (even when working 14 hours a day), and they have never recognized achievement. I was reprimanded for giving up Jewish holidays and refusing to have funerals. Really negative work environment and run by awful people. Hopefully things have changed since I was there.


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