Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy pledge of Web Launch Checklist

  • To us, our users are the most important part. We always try to stay transparent when it comes to using and collecting your information. It helps us to secure your information as well as providing you with meaningful choices.
  • This privacy policy will help you to comprehend the pieces of information that we collect from your end and how we use it. It is applicable for all the products, services, and technologies that we provide.

Your controls

We believe in the fact that you should be able to control your information. And for that reason, you will find controls that will allow you to manage your information. You can also review other things such as marketing preferences, account information, search history, as well as location history. You can do all these things at ‘Privacy control.’ We also have some services that will provide you with some additional privacy practices as well as controls. 

The collection of information and their general use

Web Launch Checklist collects information from certain categories. We need this information so that we can provide you with their services. Whenever you are registering with our services, we collect some of the basic information. 

Also, we collect some of your information when you provide it to us. The information that you provide us are:

  • Creating an account with Web Launch Checklist allows us to gather some of your information. To comprehend the account of devices associated with you, we use cookies, IDs, as well as other signals that we receive from third parties.
  • Whenever you try to communicate with others with the help of our services, we collect information from that. Besides, when you upload, store, or post content, we use it as a source of our information.
  • Web Launch Checklist is capable of analyzing as well as storing the communication contents. That includes the incoming and outgoing contents from your mail. It helps us to personalize, deliver, and develop features, advertising, services, and content.
  • We also collect information when using our services such as watch history, title queries, search queries as well as view pages. Also, if you install any of our software, we will gather information from there.
  • If you sign up for our paid services, we may gather information from there. For instance, if you are conducting financial transactions with us, we may collect some information from there.
  • Device information is another way by which we gather information. It includes some specific identifiers such as cookie information, IP address, as well as mobile service. We also note the type of operating system so that we can provide you with personalized services. 
  • From various sources, we collect location information as well. You can manage your location permission by visiting our ‘Locations page’. 

How does the Web Launch Checklist use the information?

There are various purposes for which we use our information, such as:

  • We use the information to improve, provide, maintain as well as develop the contents, features, and services.
  • We need that to fulfill your request if you permit us.
  • Analyze your information along with your contents.
  • We will need publishers as well as advisers to connect with the relevant offers.
  • We will send you marketing messages as well as messages regarding your account.
  • Supporting as well as carrying out professions.
  • Creating reports and analytics for external parties such as publishers, partners, and advertisers.
  • Also, with the help of that information, we defend and detect fraudulent, unlawful, or abusive activity.

You can control and manage the experience with us according to your preference. For instance, you can edit and review your account information.

Sharing the information

We will share our information with our affiliated brands. Here is the list of some of the bodies with whom we will share our information.

  • We will share your information with organizations, companies, as well as individuals. But we will only do that after taking your consent. Without your consent, we won’t do that. 
  • Also, we can share this with our Web Launch Checklist media that includes services as well as affiliates.
  • Web Launch Checklist may share your information with their trusted partners who work on behalf of them.
  • Besides, if there is any legal requirement, we may share your information with the relevant authority. 

Data retention and information security

We have administrative, technical, and physical safeguards on our list. It provides Web Launch Checklist protection against unauthorized access, disclosure, or use of the customer data. If you want to know the steps we have taken, we suggest you go through the security section. 

Protecting the privacy of children

We provide our services to the general audience. Besides, our content is also for the general audience. Therefore, we don’t collect, use, or share any information knowingly that allows us to identify the children below the age of 13. However, if there is parental permission, a child can open up an account in the Web Launch Checklist. 

Click Here – The Children’s Online privacy protection Act ( COPPA)

Data transferring and processing

Whenever you are using any of our services or interacting with someone, including our services, you agree about data processing, transferring, sharing, as well as usage of your information that we discussed earlier. It doesn’t matter in which country you are residing. Whenever you are using our services, you are authorizing the things as mentioned above. However, before using our services, we would suggest you go through the privacy acts of that specific country. 

Other relevant information

The privacy policies mentioned above are only meant for Web Launch Checklist. It has nothing to do with other companies and organizations outside the Web Launch Checklist. However, there can be some affiliated products that don’t fall under this privacy policy. For those products, the privacy policy is different.


There is a possibility that we will update this privacy policy numerous times. Only we have the authority to change the privacy policy. So, to stay updated, we would request you to check the policies from time to time. It will help you to stay connected. We will provide you with appropriate notice before updating our privacy policy.