How To Get The Approval Of Google News, Step By Step Guide

Google News approval enhances your online presence. The search engine provides the readers only with information from credible and authoritative sources. The task of acquiring Google (GE) acceptance is challenging as all the existing links come from renowned news sources.

If you are wondering, can I get approvals for my sites amidst the leaders? It is possible if you follow the guidelines provided by GE Webmaster. 

The following article provides a complete checklist to procure Google News (GN) Approval.

Stick to Basic Rules 

  • Don’t provide any misleading or concealing information about your website.
  • Avoid any black hat method to obtain higher rankings in the search engines. For any assistance regarding the appropriate strategies, consult with your industry-related competent person.
  • Make sure your site provides a higher degree of unique value in comparison to your potential competitor.
  • Design more of a user-friendly site rather than a search-engine-friendly one.

Strict Don’ts

  • Avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t deploy doorway pages that result in not so good user experience.
  • Don’t create pages with duplicate content.
  • Avoid using the cloaking strategy that provides different content for the users and search engines.
  • Don’t build too many links.

Strict Do’s

  • Remove any user-generated spam instantaneously that shows up on your site.
  • Immediately eliminate any hacked content on your site.

Webmaster General Guidelines

Follow the below-listed strategies to attain listings in GN.

1. Produce News Content in Press Release Format

People aiming for GN listings provide updated, precise, appropriate, and significant information/matters. When you write your article in the press release format with dateline and byline, it increases your chances of visibility and listing.

2. Stick to Journalistic Values

You can appear in the listing when you consistently stick-on the common journalistic values like original content and reporting. Place the syndicate Meta tag to the syndicated ones. 

In case you are publishing the aggregated content, make sure you don’t mix it up with your original content. The implementation of robots.txt gives you the much-needed separations between the two.

3. Gain Authority

Identify your niche and write an expertise article to procure news listings. It helps you to attain authority that improves your ranking and prominence. Make it a habit of posting 8-10 fresh and original blog posts/content from multiple authors.

4. Reliable Author Bio

If you provide the name of the author for every news story, it helps you achieve a listing in GN.

5. Improve Content Readability

The GE team reviews your website before approvals, so make sure to prioritize the readability factor of your entire post. Check your content is free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and above all, it is clear.

You can improve the user experience by minimizing distracting advertisements.

6. Provide credible information

Make sure you provide precise, transparent, and reliable information regarding the purpose of your site/website owner. Please avoid providing any misrepresenting details.

7. Attach Correct Details

It is necessary to provide accurate contact details on the “Contact Us/About Us” page to get GE listings.

8. Complete the Post

Make sure of post completions before hitting the publish button as Google crawls your content only once before the approval stage. Any modifications done later are not reflected in the News link.

9. Embed relevant Source Labels

A single news site can comprise different types of news, and it is the reason that the Webmaster advises labeling the content with precise source labels.


The above write-up covers some general guidelines in the process of acquiring approval of Google News. It is necessary to follow some recommended technical guidelines like News Sitemap, Standout Tags, Meta Tags, and much more to achieve the goal.

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