6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Images

After the content, images are one of the most important aspects of a blog. WordPress makes it easy to upload images and do some cool things with your blog’s media. However, it doesn’t have many capabilities actually to edit your images.

Today I am going to share a few tips I’ve discovered that can help you improve your blog’s images.

6 Ways To Improve Blog’s Images

Use Copyrights Free Site

Use Copyrights Free Site Blog’s Images

There are so many sites that can provide copyrights-free images. Most of them are free to use. It is one of the best ways to improve your blog’s image. Here are the best copyrights free images sites for WordPress you can follow.

Clean Typography

Clean Typography Blog's Images

Images on a blog with very clean typography always do well and look especially great in social shares. A clear image with some crisp and unique typography is the perfect photo to engage and entice people to read your posts. The best way to get started is by learning the pro tips of typography. The best blogs to keep up with typography tips, tricks, and inspiration are I Love Typography and Typography Daily.

Incorporate typography into your blog’s images. It is a unique way to improve your images and can help set them apart.

Image Effects

Blog’s Image Effects

My favorite way to improve images is with image effects, also known as Photoshop actions or Lightroom Presets. These are effects that can make your image look better. From vintage effects to black and white, they are great for improving your images. I personally use a lot of high contrast effects to increase the brightness and colorfulness of the image. With Photoshop actions being so versatile, you can do anything! The best part is that they are super simple to use but work wonders on a boring image.

Here is a cool tutorial sharing the benefits of editing your images and how you can do it.

High-Quality Images

High-Quality Blog's Images

The most obvious tip for improving your blog’s images is finding the best images possible. The right image can make a post that much better, especially when it is high quality and unique.

Our favorite spots to find stock images are PhotoDune and Death to the Stock Photo. They’ve got the best images, and are affordable. When paired with photo actions or image effects, they are unstoppable.

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Take Your Own Blog’s Images

Take Your Own Blog’s Images

One of the best ways to get high-quality images is to take your own. Using your photography skills to shoot portrait using two-light setup, you can make your blog images unique when you take the time to make your own. One of my favorite blogs that do this insanely well is UltraLinx. Not all images are from him, but a fair portion is, and it helps keep the site unique and clean. Brush up on your photography skills and take a second to create your own images!

Here is a list of the top photography sites to learn from.

Vectors and Designs

Vectors and Designs

Using custom-designed images or vector creations is one of the best ways to have unique media on your blog. If done properly, it looks fantastic too. One blog doing this insanely well is the Creative Market Blog. Try making an image yourself in PhotoADKing and create infographics using the best infographic maker tool Gimp one day, and see how it turns out. You never know – it may turn out to be your best content if done properly.

Brush up on your design skills with Tuts+. Or stay inspired by viewing the best designs on Dribbble.

In Summary

When creating images for your blog, remember to think like a reader. Ask questions like: Would this image entice me? Would this image make me click on the article? Would this image steer me away from reading the article? By focusing on your images’ quality, you can step your blog up and make it that much more beautiful for your readers. Best of luck. If these tips helped you out, do us a favor and share, and add a comment if you want to chime in to the conversation too!

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