Turn your Normal TV into a Smart TV

Online streaming services have completely changed the way of watching your favorite shows. It has bought some of the best applications on which you can watch a brand new series. For some people, it becomes difficult to enjoy watching these shows as they don’t have a smart TV. Investing in a new expensive smart TV can prove challenging for the people under a certain budget. Well, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore as you can easily convert your normal TV into a smart TV.

Why it’s important to turn the TV into Smart TV?

One of the reasons you turned a TV into a smart TV is because of the multiple online streaming services. Using YouTube to Netflix, everything has become essential for entertainment purposes. It is one of the reasons why many people consider turning their old TV into a smart TV. Instead of spending too much money on a smart TV, you can consider using the cheaper option, which helps you to get quick access to do the Smart TV features.

What can a Google Chromecast do?

Suppose you want to understand what the Chromecast and then it can help in turning your TV into a Smart TV. It supports services like Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Google’s media services. So the people who are looking for a cheap way to stream the services without any wires, then you should consider investing in it. You can simply connect an HDMI cable from your computer and then connected to your TV, but it can be annoying. Instead of doing this, you can use the wireless method to stream it on your TV quickly.

Steps to Use the Chromecast in your TV

Here are some of the steps that you should know about if you are planning to use Chromecast on your TV.

  1. Inside the box – First of all, you can explore what’s inside the box when you buy it. The buyer will receive a USB to MicroUSB along with HDMI extension and Power Adapter
  2. Set-up the dongle – Next, you have to set up the dongle and then plug it in your TV’s HDMI Port. You have to plug in the USB cable to the TV.
  3. Downloading the app – The next process will be to use your computer, and then you can download the Chromecast App. After that, you can configure it to the Wireless Network and connect it to the Chromecast Device.
  4. Start using it – After that, you can download the Google Cast Extension of Chrome. You can visit any webpage and then click on the Cast button.
  5. Send videos from your device – At last, you can play a video on the device and then send it to the Chromecast to enjoy playing it.

After following all the information, you can easily use Google Chromecast on your TV. If you are bored of watching the TV in the old way, then you can try it. This way, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows on a bigger screen.

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