Top 9 Features To Check While Buying New Smartphones

What can we do without our smartphones? Did you say just a few things? If you did, you’re not far from the truth! Smartphones are just as they are called, “smart.”  They are probably our closest buddies, serving us for anything ranging from taking pictures to making calls to making breathtaking designs, even building websites and making lots of money!

Each person will choose to use a Smartphone depending only on how much such an individual can dream. Smartphones have been designed to make life easier for us and help us achieve what would have been termed inconceivable decades ago.

As technology is advancing, it’s becoming harder to determine what Smartphone to get with the wide range of possibilities producers offer. So many brands offer almost similar products.

However, whether you’re a high-end technology user or just plain Jack who needs a Smartphone, there are features to always look out for before picking up a new Smartphone. Here are the top 9 features you shouldn’t joke with, in no particular order.

Processor and RAM Space

These are probably the most important things to look out for in a Smartphone. A sound processor means a phone will be able to perform at a fast speed. Different smartphones come with different RAM (Random Access Memory) space.

If you love to use your smartphone for many things at once, consider phones that have RAM space ranging from 4GB to 6GB. Smartphones with 7GB to 8GB RAM are on the high end, but of course, if you want something topnotch, you can have your go with one of them. A Smartphone like Huawei’s P30 Lite New Edition that comes with 6GB is an excellent suggestion.

Battery Life

The need to chat, listen to music, make calls and perform many other tasks with our smartphones means smartphones consume lots of power per day. Hence, making a check on the battery life is very crucial.

A smartphone with a 4000mAh is a good pick. Anything higher than that is better. A good Smartphone should also have adaptations to charge quickly, such as a right charging port and a quality charger. When the phone’s battery capacity is right, you won’t need to charge it frequently, which may make the battery last longer.

Software Version

If you’re an Android lover, then any Smartphone’s software version should be considered before buying it. It’s safer to get a phone with the latest Operating System. If not, try to find out if a system update on the phone will be possible.

Internal storage

It would be best to know how much space a Smartphone has before going for it. With the age of SD cards fast winding away, it is good to consider a Smartphone with internal storage space that’s just big enough to suit your needs.

Camera Quality

You’ll also want to decide if you want a phone with just a single, dual, or triple rear camera. Multiple cameras offer you the opportunity to take more detailed and wide-ranged shots.

The selfie camera should also not be ignored. Why will anyone even want to do that? If you especially love capturing your moments in pictures, look out for the quality of a Smartphone’s selfie camera as well as how many filters it has to offer for every selfie you take.

Internet Connectivity and SIM Card Provisions

Whether you want a 4G or 5G phone is up to you to decide too. It should be considered well alongside the factors your location might have to play on the network connection. Today, we require smartphones with high-speed data connectivity and speed.

It is also essential to check if a phone has dual sim card provisions or not. You wouldn’t want to regret not knowing that before purchasing a new Smartphone.

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Display and Screen Resolution

People who tend to interact more with their phones, such as designers, researchers who surf the net a lot, or those who read on their Smartphone, really need to consider phones with a large display that’s up to 400 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) or more.

The resolution of the phone is also another thing to have checked before selecting a Smartphone. A phone with a low resolution is a complete dose of annoyance, especially if you read on your phone or want more than just texting and making calls.

Phone Build and Durability

Mobile phones are prone to constant wear and tear since we have them around us all the time. More so, some people tend to be quite clumsy while handling their mobiles. Such people will have their Smartphones dropping very often.

It is imperative to watch out for a Smartphone’s build before buying. Most phones will have a plastic, glass, or metal casing. You might want to consider a metal casing if you want a phone that won’t break easily. However, plastics afford us lightweight smartphones and may have more beautiful looks than metal casings.

Brand Quality

This factor is not to be thrown away! The same way you wouldn’t order food from a restaurant when you’re not sure of their services is the same way we should deal with smartphones when buying them. Some particular Smartphone-producing brands would have gotten your trust over time. Consider getting a new Smartphone from one of those trusted brands.

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